Friday, November 23, 2012


Finding a nice rhythm post Thoughtbubble, spurred on by positive comments. Just wanted to post a small panel I was particularly pleased with. More tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Cute Dredd tester for upcoming chrimbo thing I'm doing...

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Though I was only down for the saturday, had a great time at Thoughtbubble. Definitely want to do the full weekend next year. Afterparty sounded awesome.

Highlights included the portfolio reviews with Marvel, Titan and Self Made Hero which were incredibly useful, big thanks to them for their time and insight; catching up with the likes of the Accent UK crew, Doug Noble, Sean Azzopardi, Ben Dickson, and many others; and of course seeing the finished version of Judge Minty with cast, crew and 2000ad alumni. If Mr Wagner loved it, we must have done something right.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


As usual unable to sleep before going to a convention, especially if I'm only there for the day. So much to pack into one day, so many old friends to catch up with, so many comic pros to try not to embarass myself in front of. Besides the portfolio review sessions (more on that post-game), this will be first time I'll be watching the completed Judge Minty film, with cast and crew. Early buzz is positive. In the meantime I've done a little tribute to Minty actor Edmund Dehn, based on a promo photo by Steve Green, as a thank you for his sterling work, process shots of which are below. Pencils, watercolours, inks.

Monday, November 12, 2012


Been ages once again since last update, been busy doing stuff. Here's a few bits which I've done, and what is coming up in 2013...

Getting back into into doing more sequential art finally, I've contributed three pages to Jason Cobley's latest anthology AMNESIA AGENTS, available this weekend at Thoughtbubble in Leeds, a great comic show. First illustrated was LEO (panel detail left) written by Andy Winter and an epilogue by Jason himself. The book also features contributions from Andy Bloor, Chris Askham, Dave Bulmer, Gary Crutchley, Vicky Stonebridge, Grant Perkins, Mike Bunt, David Hitchcock, Paul Harrison-Davies, Jim Cameron and Jim Campbell.

This was just an experiment using the brush pen based on a still of Lance Henriksen from Millennium, which i quite liked. The good folks over at Back to Frank Black have recently released a new book Back to Frank Black: A Return to Chris Carter’s Millennium, which I'd heartily recommend to pick up, along with Lance's recent biography, Not Bad For A Human. Want to do this kind of style more going forward, if projects allow. Ideally on a Millennium comic. That'd be nice.

Next, a one page review of The Prisoner, for Electric Sheep Magazine, words by old friend Matt Badham, art by me. Again mostly brush pen, some ink studies left.
Also at Thoughtbubble this weekend, the first public showing of JUDGE MINTY, the Dredd fanfilm I've been involved with since 2008 as storyboard and concept artist. Director Steven Sterlacchini, CGI artist and DOP Steve Green, Prop and Costume Creator Daniel Carey-George of Custom Creations/Planet Replica and of course Edmund Dehn as the Judge himself have done a brilliant job in bringing this to life, and fans won't be disappointed.In anticipation of the release, the excellent fansite Everything Comes Back to 2000ad have been posting interviews up with Minty cast and crew, including yours truly. Go check them out. In relation to Minty, I’m doing some artwork for The 4th Semi Annual Frothers Charity Thingy, who are producing a limited edition Judge Minty miniature to raise money for the MS Society & Cancer Research. The art I’m doing is ten watercolour paintings based on key scenes from the film for the first ten donations over £100, then ten convention style sketches for first ten people to donate £60-£99. Folks donating £50 or more will get a signed print of one of the ten watercolours. Please head over to the facebook page to donate to these worthy causes.

So for 2013... I've a few scripts in various stages of development which I can't wait to get stuck into; some storyboard/concept art for a scifi film in development too, so lots to get going on, as well as a few projects I'm finishing up in time for christmas which I'll try to remember to post up on here.