Saturday, October 15, 2011


Managed to get this done too late to get on the TAB blog, but is on the facebook page instead.

Decided to finish off a rough cover layout I did about two years ago, for some STAR TREK samples I was planning to send to IDW. The version posted below isn't actually the finished version, it needs to be reworked, painting it properly rather than the hamfisted photoshop job, but that's for another weekend when I have the time free. Instead have posted the process scans and submitted TAB version.

The idea behind the cover image is pretty obvious I hope- for all the jokes made about redshirts and "He's dead, Jim" from Bones, and for all of Kirk's bravado, I'd imagine all those deaths during the Enterprise's 5 year year mission would haunt him at night. Especially of those he were close to, like Edith Keeler or Gary Mitchell. I imagine it's already been done at some point during the 50 odd years worth of Trek books and comics, but I'd like to see a story of Kirk reflecting on those lost under his command.

The image was comprised of reference taken from an excellent fanmade TOS map for the Elite Force game and specially shot photos of my Kirk model, Captain Karl.