Friday, November 20, 2009


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For the handful of people following this blog you'll know I'm busy doing storyboards and concept artwork for a Judge Dredd Fanfilm, Judge Minty. Well, director Steven Sterlacchini has announced who will be playing Old Stoney Face himself in his latest post here:

"Renowned Artist and Judge Dredd favourite, Greg Staples has kindly offered to play the part of the man himself in our film. Although Dredd will only be making a small cameo and will only be shown in shadow, blurred or extreme close up, we are lucky that Greg has the correct look for a young Joe. It's also a nice touch for fellow fans."

A cool pic of Greg in character is up on the post and well worth checking out, and in the meantime, here's a teaser panel from a scene from Minty:

Will post more closer to release date.

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Mark Hayden said...

Baz I just saw at the Blog talk of a scene being shot in Sheffield. Awesome! When was this? If I had known I would have headed over with my fanboy credentials to have a gander. Do you know where they were shooting?