Monday, June 08, 2009

TALES: 08/6/2009

CURRENT SOUNDTRACK: EU elections results.

Been busy with other stuff this past week, so below is a recap of the TREK strip, with temp lettering. Still some panels need polishing, and inserts are missing, to be added at colouring stage.


Mark Hayden said...

These are incredible Baz, if they don't shunt the MM project your way, when we get it, and we will get it, I for one will campaign my British arse off to have you in the pencilling seat.

Must say I am also listening, with bloody ire I might add, at the EU results. I am disgusted my fellow Yorkshiremen delivered a victor for the BNP in Yorkshire/Humber. A sad, sad day for politics.

Steven Sterlacchini said...

Excellent work Barry.

Great story telling, I'm hooked! I've gotta see more.