Monday, October 27, 2008


Current soundtrack: The Singles Club interview mp3 with Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie

Been busy doing interviews and attending signings and talks and shows and stuff inbetween work, so thought I'd post some photos up here as a break from transcribing, in a vaguely reverse chronological order:

LEFT: From last saturday at the London Expo, meeting Colonel Tigh himself, Michael Hogan. Incredibly warm and generous man, and dedicated to his craft, as anyone who watches BSG will know. I attended a press call with Joel and managed to get the interviews on video, which I'll be transferring to the PC as soon as I work out how. This photo was from the photo call, and is quite possibly the worst photo of me you'll ever see: squinting from too little sleep and as scruffy as a daggit dragged backwards through a hedge, I forgot to shave that morning. Go see far better pics taken by Joel.

Had a great day, as well as Colonel Tigh's press call I also taped the Primeval and Heroes calls. A very nice Indian in the evening, followed by a surprise at Euston station, that no trains were running from London up north past 8.30pm due to engineering works, which meant I could spend the night outside on the steps in the freezing cold, or find a hotel to crash in, which I did eventually, but for a while there it looked like it was going to be a rough night. Following morning, I had to get a coach to Birmingham International, to board an already crammed train to Manchester. Absolute nightmare. Eventually I got home about 4pm sunday.

Some other shots from the day:

Made redundant by CGI but still frakking cool, an original series Centurion.

Kev Walker, fan favourite 2000AD artist and his new book Silverfin.

SCORCH LIVES! I can never get enough of these awesome suits.

Last week there was a Dave Gibbons signing at Waterstones in Manchester, promoting his new WATCHING THE WATCHMEN book, which is highly recommended.

And just one shot from the BICS 2008, courtesy of Joel again, as I forgot my camera. This was one of many sketches I did over the weekend alongside Marc Olivent, and below is a closeup of the Joker/Harley Quinn I did for one Batfan.

Off to Thoughtbubble next on the 15th November, hopefully with some new artwork to show...