Saturday, July 26, 2008



More like 8 weeks ago now, I had a massive PC death. First it was just the broadband, but then it seemed like the PC itself was giving up the ghost, applications refusing to work like some failing internal organs.

Though I was able to save files onto an external hard drive, the PC itself had to be set to factory settings, with only a basic XP operating system. No Windows Office, Adobe or anything.

Now several weeks later and I'm almost back up to speed, but there have been casualties: the site disappeared but should be restored in the next few weeks to some working fashion; its a large site with a lot of content. Likewise, any emails sent to my address will have not been recieved within the last two months, so until that is restored, people can contact me at enginecomics @ Most frustratingly, I have lost my enture address book. So please don't think me rude if I haven't got back to you.

So at the moment I'm trying to catch up on a ton of work, while preparing for the Brum Con in October, and three new books. Not saying which ones.

But I can show you what the self respecting Engineer will be sporting at said event: