Wednesday, February 06, 2008



As you may have heard, I've been asked to join the Comics International team as Production Editor to help get the mag back on schedule ( You'd be forgiven for seeing the slight irony in this considering its been over a year since the last issue of REDEYE when its supposed to be a quarterly, but there you are.

Raising finance to get RE7 done has been frankly a slow painful process, but it is still ongoing. I've been developing it along side the Rough Guide and aiming to get it out by the May Bristol convention, but nothing is definite at the moment.

Both REDEYE and the Guide are still needed I think for the UK scene. There's been a lot of new faces joining the community, from Oli Smiths venture and at least three new must-bookmark sites: under Craig Johnson, under Hassan Otsmane Elhaou and under Terry Hooper. Matt Badham's Overspill series of interviews on are essential reading. There are new titles, companies and creators emerging every week. And REDEYE should be there covering it all.

Last night I just finished compiling a PDF version of RE6, which will be added to the site shortly as a download. When I can reconstitute the earlier issues they will be added too; but it got me thinking of the sustainable future of the magazine. Until I work out a better distribution and printing system, it may be more beneficial to offer REDEYE Vol 2 as a PDF version, keeping better uptodate with events and more importantly, attracting more international readers who find the costs of postage prohibitive. Subscribers in the meantime would get their print version with extra features not available in the PDF. When we have a better system in place, we can go back to printing non-subscriber copies.

I'd like to hear peoples ideas on this...