Sunday, May 27, 2007


CURRENT SOUNDTRACK: Sarah McLachlan, Fumbling Towards Ecstacy, 'Wait'

Some WIP, testing Sketch up utility and loving it more and more.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007


CURRENT SOUNDTRACK: Nina Simone, Best of, 'Sinnerman'

"And the rock cried out, no hiding place...."

Then the clock turned midnight and all of a sudden, I was thirty years old. Which came somewhat as a surprise, for a number of reasons. I'm still trying to come to terms with being 18, nevermind 30. I'm surrounded by comic books and Star Wars toys; I'm not really a grownup. Yet, there it was, big as you like. And a cake as well, which kind of proved it.


Thanks to Matt, Leon, Baillie and Aaron for celebrating the day with us with a chinese and whiskey, to Julia for great prezzies (see below) and the family for coming up.

So tonight, being my last night of freedom on my fortnight before being back at work, I'm sorting out old papers to shred and getting things together to take to the studio tommorrow. Without getting too maudlin or personal, there was a long list of stuff I had wanted to achieve by this time in my life, and frighteningly little actually done. I'm not entirely sure where my twenties have gone. So, I've now set myself new targets, focusing more on my art, chasing more illo jobs before approaching an agent, heading towards New York Con in April 08. Determined to have more than two holidays in 10 years.

And here's a picture of old Prime:


Tuesday, May 15, 2007


CURRENT SOUNDTRACK: Tori Amos: Strange Little Girls, 'I Don't Like Mondays'

Not that I've recovered yet but since I've uploaded the photos, thought I'd actually say something about the Bristol Expo this past weekend.


Fantastic art above from D'Israeli (, though there were no Martian tripods nor Spiderbunnies in attendance at the venue. Maybe next year. There did seem to be a massive upsurge in visitors: the saturday in particular was incredibly busy. I didn't expect to do so well as not having anything new to sell except REDEYE 6 (which was released in March at London Webcomixthing), and my first attempt at a 30 copy limited edition sketchbook, printed literally two days before (which meant I had no sleep from wednesday to friday). The sketchbook, inspired by my friend Lorenzo's, went down well, whether sold seperately or half price with RE6. Even Jeffrey Brown picked up a copy of both which was rather satisfying.

bristol07sketchbook cover copy

Saturday went by in a blur, and after a number of sketches I realised it was suddenly three in the afternoon and I'd not left my table. When I did have a quick run round, it was great to see another increase in new faces, new publishers, and new fans. As the boxes emptied of RE6 they filled up quickly with review copies.


Some of the standouts though in the pile was the latest anthology from AUK, ZOMBIES, which is without a doubt the best of the run so far, strongly designed and fantastically put together. However I think Dave West and Andy Bloor's THE WOLFMEN just surpasses it, great work from both creators that just shows what quality is out there right now. Highly recommended.


Saturday night of course was the highlight of the day as I finally got to spend time with old friends who I don't get to see often enough. After a few ridicously expensive drinks at the hotel bar we headed off to an Indian resturant where binky bonkey ensued. Binky bonky is all the rage apparently. Some of my favourite photos from that night:


Matt 'Bat Madam' Badham


Mark, Lorenzo and Rob of Blink Twice with pre-Eagle Award nerves


Stephen 'Mythos' Aryan and Bridgeen 'Mr Maximo and Rabbit' Gillespie


There were only one pair of bunny ears believe it or not, though they seemed to go round everyones head that. Only Bridgeen managed the divine glow.


Though Paul 'No Time Like The Present' Rainey brought some stately poise to the look


Joel 'Tripwire' Meadows and Paul Rainey toast Binky Bonkey

Sunday is always a calmer and chilled affair as everyone nurses hangovers and emptied wallets. The energy never fades however at the Blink Twice tables as Lorenzo sketches his hand to a stump. There was also a teasing preview of the gorgeous artwork Lorenzo is doing specifically to illustrate his interview in REDEYE 7....



I go on quite a bit about just how great Lorenzo is. I don't apologise about that because it's all justified. Another person I never stop bigging up is Chris 'Rock Star' Staros, here on the sunday with Jeffrey Brown, with previews of his new book.


I managed to get a good number of new books including a handful of manga, thanks to Sean Michael Wilson's guidance and introducing us to the Umisen-Yamasen group and Misako Rocks, in preparation of an upcoming article in REDEYE on the rise of Yaoi (or boy-boy comics) so popular with teenage girls, a trend now starting to appear in small press titles.


Sean will also be talking to us in RE7 about his new book with artist Lee O'Connor, IRAQ INCORPORATED, with an extended eyecandy preview on the project.

Although by the end of Sunday many people had gone home, a small hardcore contingent headed to the Spyglass resturant for our tea, so thanks to Leon, Dave, Paul, Dan, Joel, and Declan, for helping to celebrate my upcoming thirtieth this week over ostrich steak, Dr Who conventions, Bon Jovi and chocolate fondu.

Next on the convention calender is the Birmingham International Comics Festival (BICS) in October. You never know, there maybe Spider Bunnies there.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


CURRENT SOUNDTRACK: Two cats killing each other in the garden.

While I should be doing many other things, some stuff that won't be going in my limited edition Bristol Convention sketchbook for obvious legal reasons...

vader tryptich pencils

vader inks1

dalek sketch1

More to come hopefully.