Tuesday, January 16, 2007


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Another year, another issue of REDEYE.

For some reason I keep waking up at 2am in the morning this last week and being unable to get back to sleep (and with a distinct lack of whiskey and cigar supply), instead pottering about and catching up on bits of correspondance. And blogging, of course.

As hard as it is to believe, REDEYE 6 is at the printers this week, clocking in at 108 pages. The nightmare is (nearly) over. I won't quite believe it until it arrives warm and glowing in my hands in a few weeks, a mere 6 months later than intended. It's such an occassion we're planning a launch party.

Some of the full page spreads (the ones in the mag will be b/w, the ones in the CBR version will be colour):

22-23 spread full bleed

38-39 spread colour

54-55 spread colour

62_63 spread full bleed

And the two covers:


Yes there's two covers: the flip (back) cover this issue features Aleksandar Zograf's REGARDS FROM SERBIA, a new Top Shelf book out in February. We preview ten pages in what will become a regular feature in the mag.

The support from subscribers and readers, from industry pros and from retailers, all eager to read the new issue, has genuinely surprised and moved me; which makes the delays all the worse to bear. I never realised just how many people look forward to each issue.

To avoid the same problem happening for next issue due in May (colourfully billed as the Spring issue), I've already got a good portion of RE7 content in the bag with others coming in as I type: great interviews with Lorenzo, artist and co-creator of Malcolm Magic will be providing the wraparound cover, ten pages of preview art from the new MOON! series, as well as joining his brother Rob in discussing the last few years of their success; we also speak with New York cartoonist Liz Baillie, creator of My Brain Hurts; the Godfather of modern British Comics, Pat Mills, in an uncut, epic face to face interview done over two days; and creator of Matter, Irish cartoonist Phill Barrett among others.

This leads into an introductory article on the Secret History of Irish Comix, where over the next few issues we'll be spotlighting certain titles and creators. Other articles include Dave Baillie's Grammar of Comics; the 2000AD art of Ron Smith; a retrospective on the much loved Transformers Marvel UK comic; and we investigate the creation of LOOK AND LEARN in our History of Brit Comics series, a highly influential 1960's comic soon to make a comeback.

Again they'll be more as they come in. Anything you think we should be covering? Let us know.

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joelmead said...

The pages look really really nice. It took us years (11 to be precise before we could afford full colour interiors in TRIPWIRE). Looking forward to seeing the issue.