Wednesday, June 28, 2006


CURRENT SOUNDTRACK: DESPERADO OST, Los Lobos and Antonio Banderas, Cancion Del Mariachi

Getting a sever case of cabin fever the last few days after breaking my big toe on friday. Nothing like taking out all your frustration on an Ikea bookcase whilst simoultaneously ruining any chance to anything remotely physical in the next two weeks. Ah vell.

Forcing myself to do something constructive rather than put my foot through another three shelves, started doing character sketches of David Tennent for a Who pitch. Getting there, but keep getting distracted by watching the remaining two dozen episodes of Lost, 24 and West Wing in one sitting, leaving myself with nothing else to numb the pain. Until I came across this excercise on Jason's blog (, and I thought I'd have a go at it myself (and add a couple of questions).


What were you doing ten years ago?
June 1996... was just finishing my foundation course as Liverpool City Community College; getting incredibly, mind alteringly drunk on vodka for the first time (and luckily forgetting most of that particular embarrasment), getting accepted into Preston's Fine Arts BA course and having doubts which I quickly got over.

Five years ago?
June 2001... Working at a insurance company, falling asleep at my desk and getting away with it for the most part, and started to get Fusion Zero printed. Still renting.

One year ago?
June 2005... had a viral infection which after a several months of 18-20 hour days started to have a major impact on my health and mental state, but still quite happy in a delirious way having seen all six STAR WARS films back to back in London the previous month for my birthday.

Five snacks you enjoy:
Coconut macaroons
Jaffa cakes
Rocket salad (strangely addictive)
Cashew nuts

Five songs you know by heart (other than Guns N Roses you mean?):
American Pie (both original and Star Wars version) by Don McLean
Four Seasons in One Day by Crowded House
Don't Dream Its Over by Crowded House
Tribute by Tenacious D
Possession by Sarah McLachlan

Five things you would do with a LOT of money:
(If we're talking lottery win?)
Pay off mortgage and sell house
Buy parents and sisters a house each
Build a massive farmhouse in the country for the missus
Set up a publishing company
Travel round the world the long way round on a BMW motorbike

5 Things you should never have worn:
Leather waistcoat
Green chinos
Cream jeans
Blue chinos
A daft velvet hat to a 70's night. All of these were in the early 90's and were passable.

5 (clean) Things you enjoy doing:
Drawing comics
Singing/playing air guitar very loudly
Playing with my neice and nephew
Catching up with mates I don't see often enough

5 Bad habits you have:
Irregular sleep patterns
Singing/playing air guitar very loudly
Biting nails
Smoking cigars at 3am

5 Favourite TV shows (current):
Battlestar Galactica
West Wing

5 Fictional Characters Which Reflect an Aspect of your Personality:
Josh Lyman
Chandler Bing
Michael Moore
The thinner cartoon version of me I draw

5 people you would like to do this (and post their answers as comments):
The five people who actually read this blog. Okay, the three people who read this blog.


Anonymous said...

Travel round the world the long way round on a (remove the BMW bit) motorbike

You don't need lots of money for this.

Get going.


Baz said...

Well, I'll need to pay the bills in the meantime and have enough cash to grease the palms of border guards. And there's only a handful of bikes able to go on rough terrain.