Friday, January 27, 2006


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Finally picked up the keys to what could possibly the new home of Studio Baz. Needs a lot of work to make it work, new shelving, desks etc, but there is a nice drawing board left there by the previous occupier complete with weights and compacted dust, which just needs a good scrub. Still waiting to hear on another possibility though which may even be better.

In the meantime RE5 is off to the printers finally, should be ready in a couple weeks time. Starting work already on RE6 and the RE SUMMER SPECIAL. Can't release details on them yet but its a really strong lineup. In the meantime heres the cover again to RE5:

RE5 COVER alt1

Wit stuff already getting finished off as well for both March's and Bristols, I've been tidying up pages and mocking up covers, including variations on the AUK's forthcoming anthology MONSTERS, from the following of which one, none or less may be finally used. Bare in mind nothing you see is official or indeed complete.

monsters 1

monsters 2

monsters 3

monsters 4

But enough messing in photoshop. Back to the emails.

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Garen said...

Monsters - I like the first one (the paw print).