Friday, August 12, 2005

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You'll have probably heard many good things about the lads at Blink Twice Studios ( If you haven't yet, you soon will. And the above piece of art will show you just one reason why. The first time I met the Brothers Etherington properly at London Winterfest back in 2004, I told Rob I wanted a piece of Lorenzos art. Really, really wanted. The kind of art you can stare into for hours, they are so densely detailed and lovingly drawn. There's a passion in their work that leaps off the page, a conviction, rare in comics. From a fellow artists perspective, I admired the craft. From an editors perspective, the care and attention. From a fans perspective, and yep, I am a fan as if you haven't already guessed, its just bloody good comics. And as versatile a universe as Malcolm Magic's is for other mediums, there's still magic just in black ink on a white page.

And now they've got page up on eBay (not the one shown above). No link to it, because I want it myself. Really, really want it.

Monday, August 01, 2005

"What news from the Riddermark?"

leeand kangeroo

Artist on Engine Comics SEER Oneshot and an upcoming episode of MR GLEE, Lee O'Connor is currently loving it as he travels through Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, and now land of the Horselords and Hobbits, New Zealand, posting some pictures of the stunning scenery at

Lucky sod.