Saturday, February 12, 2005


CURRENT SOUNDTRACK: ECHOES: The Einaudi Collection, 'The Waves (Le Onde)'

Managed to scrape off the tile cement from my fingers enough to get round to try and catch up with some work the last two days, after spending the last FOUR DROKKING WEEKS trying to fix the bathroom and water damage. It still looks more like the Cursed Earth but at the moment, we're closer to Mega City 2 with that vaccine, rather than being chased by Old One Eye.

God, I'm a sad old Squaxx Dek Thargo aren't I.

Comics wise, finally finished the first draft of the back up strip to Marc Olivent's SEVEN SENTINELS as mentioned below, plus a ridiculous amount of background notes that noone will probably ever get to see, though could put it on the creators commentary I suppose... hurmm.

I've been watching too much MILLENNIUM in the early hours of the mornings, the full series box set I got at Christmas (so much so I've wrote a bloody essay on the thing at Starting to get too wrapped up in the mythology, as I tend to do. So cheated a bit and opened an early Valentines present of BABYLON 5 SEASON 5 box set, just for a bit of contrast. Tried to stop myself watching Sleeping In Light again, especially listening to the JMS commentary but couldn't stop myself. Much blubbering ensued. Severely needed alcohol. None left. Gutted. Went back to the computer.

So... oh yeah. Comic stuff.

Typing up a new interview for the site, Sean Michael Wilson of BOYCHILD PRODUCTIONS, a lovely bloke. Due to be unlocked for April. Go to his site here:

Meeting up with AUK lads to run through RE4 and our TWELVE contribution next week. And I really need to get back to the drawing board.

Need to go do a second draft.