Thursday, December 15, 2005


More or less.


After the big move out of the studio, found some old sketchbooks, one had some (I thought) nice ideas on new Cybermen designs from last year, after getting a script to send off for possible submissions. As with many things, it hasn't quite got round to be finished yet, nor get that much further than the sketching stage, but still quite like the blue, silver/gold and black. Thought you could make cybermen almost etherially thin, corpselike, or bulk them out to look very Borg or Iron Man like, to give the sense of power and menace.

cyberman sketch2

cyberman sketch1

May have a new studion in the next month or so. Can't wait. Might start gettingsome WORK DONE!!!

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Joseph Wooldridge said...

Hi Baz,
i have been a member of the bug powder mailing list for ages but never really talked to anyone.

i'm currently working on a title called the one eyed death, the first 6pages are on my blog,

any feedback would be most useful

i am planning to extend it to a full ongoing series, would like to a part of an artists community.

i saw the photo of the new cyberman, looks too humanised,,there supposed to be heartless killers...very odd,,

bye for now