Monday, October 24, 2005


Because of some unexpected awkwardness, I need to move out of my studio space of 5 years by mid November. Though most stuff will fit into storage, it still leaves me without a workspace besides the tiny back bedroom. So, does anyone know of anywhere or anyone in the Stockport/Manchester area who has a space free, or would be willing to share one? I have one in mind though the rental is too much for one person alone and would need a minimum of 4-5 people to share. otherwise I'm open to suggestions.

And what the hell is with all this spamming on the comments?

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Anonymous said...


i have been extremely pleased by the comments on the past blogs, i mean cheescake, depressed glass ? and making $ 800 ! who wouldn't want to know about that stuff ? apart from me, you and all the other engine people reading your blog. Just sod off spammers !!!!