Friday, September 16, 2005


Righty then. Quick update where we are with stuff:

Release schedule for Brighton:

REDEYE 5: Four articles out of five, two interviews out of eight done, eight batches of ten reviews in (currently clocking in at 120= pages....)

THUNDERHIDE ONESHOT: Needs lettering and re-designing interior pages.

SEVEN SENTINELS #1: Needs back up strip completing and designing interior pages.

FUSION #5: Two strips completed, one needs lettering, one needs art, one TBC.

ROUGH GUIDE TO SELF PUBLISHING MK 4: I've a few articles but always need more, so if any creators, editors, retialers etc want to pass on their experiences, advice, dos and don'ts, let me know at If you feel the urge to do an essay on a particular area, be it marketing, printing, webcomics etc, thaz cool too. Dave (CEREBUS) Sim will be one of the contributers, updating stuff from his own Guide. Deadline for submissions would be 15th October.

On top of this I'm completing two four page strips for THE END IS NIGH #2 (nearly finished art) and a strip for ZARJAZ #1 (it looks good in my head...).

Better get drawing now then.


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