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Besides recovering from a bout of food poisoning (someone Upstairs has it in for me I swear) over the weekend and coming home ill today, decided to test the search engine for the Engine Site. Quite a few blogs picking up the Alan Moore interview which is good to see, though linking directly to the page is annoying, when they miss out the other great stuff available to read on there. Thanks though to the few people who emailed to advise of typos from the original transcript. described the site as: "Online comics, articles, interviews, and reviews will keep your comics sense tingling at the home of the U.K. independent comics collective". Which was nice of them.

The Talk About Comics Blog ( had this to say: "This is one to sit down for with a cup of tea and maybe a couple of sammiches: Daniel Whiston of Engine Comics interviews Alan Moore with two of his mates. The interview was recorded in two parts in 2002, but not published on the site until January of this year. I haven’t read the whole thing myself, because it is a pretty long piece, but from what I have read it looks like the focus is on his creative process rather than any particular project."

Well to be fair the original interview was published in 2002 over two issues of the shortlived 2000AD fanzine ZARJAZ. Daniel offered the interview in print or via web late 2003, and its such a great interview it deserves the widest audience available.

Even Neil Gaiman ( mentions "There's a marvellous interview with Alan Moore at It's particularly recommended for would-be writers."

There's a new interview up with the younger, sexier side of UK indie press, Colin (Underfire Comics) Dinnie,

Also added is a complete comic, Marc Olivents' HEROHUNTER now available at Are we good to you lot or what?

I'm off to get more painkillers.

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Did you get the two reviews? Horrendous probs with PC/email.