Monday, October 11, 2004


CURRENT SOUNDTRACK: THE HOBBIT (GAME), Chance Thomas, "Travelling to Rivendell"

I'm not entirely sure if it's tonight, but I'm thinking at some point the clocks go back, and we get an extra hour. Which is handy. So I thought, by popular demand, I'd have a go at a quick update.

REDEYE 3 went off to the printers last week, so now attention is on trying to get FUSION 3 reprint fixed and FUSION 4 together and printed in time for Winterfest. Gah.

Also managed to get a few commissions in for Christmas, which will come in handy paying the print bills, mostly portraits, but one is of the Terminator. Which gives me a reason to go through the dvd's and pull out all the reference. I've not really had a chance to draw the endoskeleton since school, when I'd do sketches for a quid a go (cost of inflation eh?). But it's cool getting all the pipes and hydraulics and stuff right.

I've also had a few ideas of Engine Comics projects for 2005, a few I'll be able to announce soon on the site with some actual artwork. There's also a load of script submissions I really need to go through, some really top stuff as well. But there's a few that I had planned on developing with one or two people which have had to go back into the box, which is shame since they would be very cool if done properly.

Anyway, some related links I've recently come across:
Different to the movies but very impressive, and from where the above soundtrack can be downloaded, though The Hobbit is lighter in tone to the LOTR music. I'm tempted to get the latter game solely for Chance Williams score.
Very detailed site on the Terminator universe, lots of cool images.
Another very detailed site, and something, shall we say, which I'm researching for a future project...

Now I'm off to bed. Maybe.