Saturday, September 25, 2004


CURRENT SOUNDTRACK: ACOUSTIC VOL. 1, Mecury Rev : 'The Dark is Rising'

I've been somewhat overindulgent this week. As a contrast to veritable desert of enjoyment over the previous few weeks for various reasons. But this week saw the release of STAR WARS on DVD. And it was good. Preordered some months ago, and delivered on my day off. And it was good.

Yet as with all things, like chinese food, Carlsberg and MTV2, everything in moderation. But monday I sat in my REVENGE OF THE SITH tshirt and shorts and moderation went out the window, watching the lovely fourth disc, with possibly the most indepth documentary on the original trilogy ever made with a cup of tea and chocolate biscuits in hand, and of course, the Episode 3 preview. Which I think is up with RETURN OF THE KING as being the most replayed sequence ever on my DVD player. Anakin and Obi Wan... lightsabers... The Duel... that suit... I don't think I can wait for my 28th birthday when EP3 opens.

So comics wise... Grud... I'll be 28 next year. That looks so OLD when you type it up.

Still finishing off REDEYE 3 for next week (I've been finishing it the last three weeks, but there you go).

Still need to shoot actors for REG and DEVIANTS reference... I'll need to get that done next week if I want to get F4 done in time for Winterfest. Gah.

Keep an eye on the websites as well for an update for the end of October with new projects announced.

And a shout to the lads and lasses of new RPG and game shop in Manchester, only a few weeks old but already showing how it should be done. Top stuff. Check out the website.

Anyway, need another cup of tea... and just to watch that preview one more time...