Tuesday, August 10, 2004



It's absolutely chucking it down outside. Which is nice, relaxing, listening to it. After a crappy, sticky day, finally something to clear the air a bit, which makes doing these layouts a bity easier. Worked my way through half of season one SMALLVILLE while working out pages for DEVIANTS ONE, lamenting the fact we have to wait till next year for season 4 to hit the UK. It's going to be a long wait.

But it's raining outside. And that's good.

Now the layouts are out of the way I can start planning the photo shoot for figure reference. A lot of this chapter's reference has already been done, background wise, last year, when I was back at my parents in Liverpool. Walking around Anfield looking at the deserted streets was a particularly depressing experience. My mate had just got a new job and we went for a wander to catch up, taking lots of photos, wondering how fast time had gone by and before we know it, we're grown-ups, nearing 30. The streets were we played footy now boarded up and abandoned. After that experience I came back and rewrote the orginal plotline for DEV1. And it's all the better for it, because I wasn't just writing to further the plot, to get group A characters to meet group B characters to set up story 6 down the line, which still happens, but it became about something. I tend to try not to include personal politics in my stuff but I couldn't keep it out of this one. Hopefully I can draw it so it makes sense.

Bit too knackered to start on Leon's new draft of the REG script, I'll have to dig out the TARDIS folder again, so I'll leave that till tommorrow afternoon and do some ENGINE housekeeping instead.

Better start doing it instead of writing about it. Then I can go listen to the rain.