Sunday, July 18, 2004


My mega epic DEVIANTS began proper in FUSION 3, introducing a framing character in a prologue to edge us into a Britain a few side steps away. One of those 'decade in the making' type of things, with a whole alcohol fueled mythology behind it. Whether it makes any sense is another matter!   So heres a few character sketches on people introduced in F3:
ASLAN: companion to Lady Britannia

KING ARTHUR: Leads theTektonic Knights

UNION JACK: Imagine an idiot with Superman's powers

And you can see a few more here:
Currently working on layouts for part one, and arranging models. Will post when get further.

Monday, July 12, 2004



Got to that point in the night, far too blurry eyed to do any more drawing without buggering up all those nice lines in perspective (though still trying to work out how to draw an infinite spiral staircase... Stan Lee and Will Eisner can't seem to help me on this one).

But still unable to stop the brain fizzing. Suddenly feel the urge to paint, old fashioned style with acrylics and house paints, on a big bloody board. That'd be cool.


So having a long weekend, thinking what I've actually done. Besides doing some mailings for REDEYE etc, and having a tidy up, compliling research material for TITAN CITY, having a read through again of the script: Cars from turn of the century, history of zepplins (note to self: refer in REG sketches), ocean liner reference (TITANIC etc); Hugh Ferris METROPOLIS OF TOMMORROW... still need costume reference... want to have a period feel but not too historically accurate, possibly 1910...

Change track again... bugger, need to do another compilation cd.. CROWDED HOUSE LIVE, 'FOUR SEASONS IN ONE DAY'...

TITAN CITY has grown to a huge size, now planned as a series of annual oneshots, each one from a decade of the 20th century beginning in 1901, reflecting an alternate history that becomes more divorced from true history as time goes on, all because of a small meteor in the 1800's.

Right put a cd on now... STONESOUR, 'BOTHER'

The first 50 page book, A THOUSAND CORPSES, based on my notes and brilliantly scripted by Gary Simpson, has a very dark, gothic feel to it, like the old pulp illustrations. A tale of love lost, guilt and greed, and inevitable self destruction. It just happens to be set in a steampunk 1901 with zepplins and massive victorian skyscrapers. One of those things can't wait to draw properly, but have to do all the design first to make it work. And my model for the main character is working in Los Angeles... gah.

But anyway: here's the orginal synopsis, which the script slightly deviates from, but hey, you'll have to read it when its out (May 2005).

"Occult detective Ossian Hawkes returns from seven years in captivity in a Turkish jail to investigate a series of murders in the monolithic Titan City (formally New York, but three times as big). The grandfather of HP Lovecraft is President, and has made a deal with devils to ensure his success. When it comes time to pay up, Ossian discovers his ex-fiance who he abandoned in Turkey is on the list of sacrifices."

I'll have to go through the pile again for DEVIANTS reference, that's priority at the moment. That a few people have said it reads like missing episodes of MARVELMAN is encouragement enough. That and the fact it'll be in the same issue next to RAINBOW ORCHID. So it has to be top notch.

Suppose I'd better get to bed then.

Saturday, July 10, 2004



Made a start on the mountain of work I've agreed to do, after spending a few too many hours on Amazon replacing my old tapes with CD's, building a stockpile up to keep us going through the many nights and early mornings to come. Particular favourite at the moment is the AKIRA soundtrack, by Geinoh Yamashirogumi. Listen to that after two days with no sleep and far too much caffine, and it's probably the closest thing to being on drugs I'll be. Damn bizarre but cool.

First off after a quick coffee meet with Leon, made a start on layouts for the REG project this week, including tidying up designs for the Console Room and some of the pacing. Fitting in a lot in ten pages, but it should work fine. The only other thing is now how to start painting it, while trying not to be too influenced by other artists, finding my own style appropriate to the story... It'll work itself out I suppose.

Sent info off for REDEYE 3 to Diamond, and posted to mailing lists a press release. Leaving RE to tend to itself for the time being while I relearn how to draw.

RECOMMENDATION OF THE WEEK: LOKI #1 from MARVEL, purely for the gorgeous artwork by Esad Ribic. Very reminiscent of Alex Ross painting over Don Lawrence pencils. Not a bad mix at all. Go get it.

I'll be back in 7 days, hopefully with some pictures.