Thursday, November 18, 2004


CURRENT SOUNDTRACK: CROWDED HOUSE- AFTERGLOW, "Anyone Can Tell", and the steady whirr of the fan heater

Using my planned days off from work constructively today, while waiting for the gas man to come give us a quote for the new boiler. Getting the impression if I ever start working proper from home, this is what it'd be like; mundane boring jobs like washing up and brushing the floor inbetween cups of teas and a few hours drawing, while exhausting my CD collection. Yep, this is the life.

Thankfully this morning Amazon delivered a load of CD's I'd ordered. After listening to Neil and Tim Finn on the BBC radio shows, and getting severely pissed off I missed them at the Apollo last month 'cos I was in work, got the urge to sort out my Crowded House collection, of which I only had The Best of, Woodface and Together Alone, and ordered pretty much the entire back catalogue: Afterglow; Temple of the Low Men; Crowded House (first album); took a gamble on Best of Split Enz, Neil and Tim's first band; and Neil's own albums, Try Whistling This; One Nil; Finn; and 7 Worlds Collide. For a fiver an album can't argue really. That'll keep me going for the day.

So work wise- well I say work wise but lets be honest, drawing stuff's not exactly work is it? Working in a call centre, that's work. Anyway-

Scanning in pages to illustrate the Alan Moore interview soon to be uploaded to the Engine site on my lovely new A3 scanner; then after that scanning in the rest of Marc Olivents' lovely SEVEN SENTINALS strip, to be previewed in FUSION 4; later today another interview planned by messenger. Realised, as annoying as messenger is, quite handy doing interviews: more conversational than just a dry list of questions by email, far easier to transcribe than a recorded audio conversation, just cut and paste job. Sorted.

Also working on a few commissions later on after dinner (when I can be bothered cooking, just cleaned up Goddammit), including TERMINATOR and some cartoons.

Mmmm. I can get used to this.

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