Tuesday, June 08, 2004


fred said...
Aw Baz, your suck a geek! I love it!
Do you really have all the Babylon 5 soundtracks? Also do you like Gary Numan?
Im glad there's people like you out there, you make my family seem less weird!"

Thanks for the compliment Fred... I think!

I only have a few soundtracks from B5, some used to be available online, there weren't many albums released in the UK but you can find them at http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/stores/artist/glance/-/76378/ref=m_art_dp/102-4553058-3969756.

The 'PASSING THROUGH GETHSEMANE' post was actually the DVD itself playing in the background, i tend to listen to commentaries, soundtracks or just let entire season boxsets play in the background while I draw. I go through cd's far too quickly.

A mate of mine at school was a huge fanatical Numan fan and kind of put me off a bit, but he's done a few good tunes (Numan that is).

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b. said...

HeY! aM BACK! Don't let those fanatical numanoids put you off (they're like the hitler youth when they get going). No his early stuff was really cool, with very sci-fi leanings.
I heard one or two of the babylon5 soundtrack Cd's because of my big brother. They were pretty cool. By the ex drummer of Tangerine Dream or summat? Anyway, what's going on with your listening habits these days eh? Lost me there!
I like your Arthur Character- he based on Patrick stewart?
And yeah,its all a compliment. Takes a Geek to know a geek, she says. All the best Baz,
Fred :)