Sunday, June 06, 2004


Back from AUK meet, lots to think on.

Thanks everyone for the comments:

Jason: Glad you liked DEVIANTS, there'll be a lot of references to UK comics in there as time goes on, lots of plays on realities, the MARVELMAN/BIG BEN reference may well come back later as well!

Paul: Very true what you say, and we're very appreciative of the support we've already had; from speaking with others at Bristol, they've starting thinking outside the box in terms of venues and retailers, so hopefully the trend set by Stockport will be followed by others if people push for it.

I've inadvertantly caused a storm in a teacup on the comics2000 group by refering to Bristol as as con rather than a fest.

Oh dear.

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b. said...

Aw Baz, your suck a geek! I love it!
Do you really have all the Babylon 5 soundtracks? Also do you like Gary Numan?
Im glad there's people like you out there, you make my family seem less weird!