Sunday, June 06, 2004



I can see I'm going to spend a lot of time doing this.

For a while now I've thought about keeping some kind of record on how long it takes to draw certain pages, write scripts or design stuff, and that way start structuring my spare time to actually get things done, instead of stop/starting and pissing about like I normally do. This way it becomes a virtual sketchbook and notepad, by which way I can chart the development.

So in that sense, I've just finished a few pages of sketches for DEVIANTS PART ONE. The episodes characters are a 23 year old drug addict dj (the main character), his dying dad, a cornershop proprietor, a homeless man, and introducing the Tektonic knights.

As usual, the script is already visualized and written in my head, then I type it up, breaking it down to pages and panels, shifting them around to keep the pacing right. I started to go off on a tangent, and had to drag myself back to the point of the episode, which was introductions. But the tangent I canbring into the story later.

I tend to base characters, physically anyway, on people I've known or seen. I'm just lazy that way. But if I can't get direct reference for them then I'll trawl the internet or my dvd collection looking for similar body types.

thankfully this one was fairly easy and majority of the photos I use are already taken, except of the dj himself. I have one but not enough to draw an entire episode with. But I'll have to sort that out next week.

So instead I've concentrated on getting the armor right for the Tektonic Knights. Another excuse to get the LOTR art of books out!

At 3am I've just finished a coloured version of the armour, deep reds and golds, looking at simplified motifs to work in, that won't be a bugger to draw in later episodes.

One of the many things that draw me back to the LOTR DVD's is the level of artistry and detail in the concept art, production and costume design; they all have a reason, an actual purpose not just decoration. "Good design follows function" one of the blokes said (and the commentaries are really useful when drawing, so much of it relates to comic book storytelling).

So I could do some daft, fantastical armour for the Tektonic Knights (essentially a reincarnated Round table) or something really FIRST KNIGHT and Hollywood, but I wouldn't enjoy drawing it.

Still got plenty of pages in the sketchbook to go, but I could arse around with it all night. Keep it simple, move on.

Time for bed. AUK meet tommorrow.


Jason said...

Baz -
Nice to see this! By the way, I just finished reading Deviants part 0 in Fusion 3. Easily the best strip in the comic, and quite accomplished artwork. The inking has a nice fluid line to it and the characters come alive really well. I like the nod to Marvel/Miracleman. This so far reads sort of like an unofficial sequel to book 2 of that (before it went all Totleben)- which I like. It's difficult to do anything new with superheroes, but so far it looks as if you're having a good go at that. It's a really promising strip and I'm looking forward to reading more of it.

Anonymous said...

Blimey, you go to bed early!